Sliding wardrobe doors melbourne

Sliding wardrobe doors melbourne


Door Profiles
Door Design

Our Classic sliding doors can be designed to suit any style of period home. Whether it’s Victorian, Farmhouse or Contemporary we have a door style to suit. Our Classic sliding doors are supplied ready to paint as raw MDF board.

We also have many door routing patterns to choose from ensuring the period style flows seemlessly through your home. In most cases we can match the sliding door pattern to your existing doors If you’d like the classic look with a modern twist we can insert a mirror or glass panel into the most of the sliding door designs.

Our range of flush pull handles available on our sliding door robes can be seen on this page.

Our Classic sliding doors are manufactured like no other. We use an innovative tensioning system to stop the doors from bowing part of the FlexiRobes philosophy of building quality into our products. The sliding door roller wheels are heavy duty, Australian made and guaranteed to last.


Modern Framed Sliding Doors

Frame / Track Colours

Modern Sliding doors give you the most design options. Flexi Robes offer different types of sliding doors to suit your budget and style.
Framed doors have a more streamlined appearance as the handle is incorporated in the frame. They are also a lighter style door as our uniquely designed semi circular frame gives the door strength and rigidity.

Framed with the range of Polytec colours or glass options including Mirror, Grey Mirror, White, Black and superwhite.
Frameless glass options only including Mirror, Grey Mirror, White, Black and Superwhite.
Our Frameless Doors are made like no others. Most manufacturers use double sided tape or silicon to fix the frame to the glass. Eventually the glass comes away from the frame which can have disasterous consequences. We back our glass frameless doors with a 6mm MDF panel for extra safety and strength.

Modern Panel

Door Colours
Flush Pulls

We also offer a frameless panel door manufactured using the Flexi Robes tensioning system. This allows us to correctly ‘Tension’ the door to stop bowing and warping. These doors are available in 16mm and 32mm thicknesses as well as 3mm aluminium edging in a range of colours.

16mm Edge – In most of the Polytec Colours with flush pull handles pictured above, also available with 3mm aluminium edge
32mm Edge – Available in Polytec Colours Antique Texture, Gesso Lini Matt, Rocco Lini Matt, Truffle Lini Matt, Shannon Oak Matt, Classic White Texture, Polar White Matt

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